Energy Solutions

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NavAide has a comprehensive fuel supply and distribution network across the United States. We supply refined products through pipelines, tank trucks, and rail to over 800 terminals throughout North America. In addition, we also provide procurement optimization, tracking and reporting that accounts for every contracted dollar spent on fuel. Our robust supply network spans the entire USA, which allows us to buy directly from the refinery and supply using our own assets, which yields cost saving to the client.

We distribute all forms of fuel, including diesel, fuel oil, gasoline, and propane. We are happy to provide consultation and market analysis to ensure our clients maximize their energy savings. Many of our refineries offer winterized blends for the colder months, as well as additives to extend the lifetime of machinery. In addition to fuel, we also supply all brand name lubricants.

We provide various pricing options to meet the procurement needs of our clients. Whether you need to buy basis a fixed-firm of floating price, we will help you determine the best option. We aim for our clients to consider us their energy partner, rather than just another fuel supplier. We look forward to helping your organization meet its energy goals while staying under budget.