NavAide = Navigational Aide

Our name is a play on words with double meaning.

Throughout history navigational aids have been used in the art of directing vessels through uncharted territories.

We’re here to serve as aides and advisors. We’ll help you face challenges and navigate complex transitions.

NAVIGATION [nav-i-gey-shuh n]
Noun: the art or science of plotting, ascertaining or directing the course.
Origin: 1530 Latin, a voyage

AIDE [eyd]
Noun: an assistant or helper
Origin: 1770 French, helper

Our Team

With years of contracting experience, our team is well equipped to support commercial firms and government agencies. Our team has successfully fulfilled extensive government and commercial contracts spanning various industries.

Our core competencies include energy distribution, software implementation, and IT services. We work diligently to vet our supply network to ensure our work is carried out effectively. NavAide draws on the knowledge and experience of our management team to ensure contracts are performed with the reliable service our brand represents. We pride ourselves on dependable, ethical, and prompt service for all contracts, while minimizing time and material costs. A positive customer experience is paramount to our team’s success.

Our Vision

Endeavor to set the standard for excellence, to be the first choice of the most forward-thinking clients and talent.

Our Mission

We create synergies and cultivate diverse perspectives to find elegant solutions for governments’ most complex challenges. We form coalitions across broad horizons and apply big-picture thinking to discover and shape the art of the possible. Our inspired and talented teams make this mission achievable by living and breathing our principles every day.

Our Core Principles

Integrity & Accountability

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We do what we say. We are dependable and reliable. We execute with ethics and dedication to earn the trust of our clients and partners every day.

Continuous Learning & Adaptability

We are lifetime students, in constant pursuit of knowledge. We seek to grow collectively and as individuals to help us stay nimble and agile. We take care of ourselves so we can take care of our clients. 

Forward & Innovative Thinking

We cultivate fresh ideas, flexible solutions, and identify unique opportunities. We strive to deliver the art of the possible through continuous improvement, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Efficiency & Diligence

We work smart. We plan, prioritize, and execute. We create systems of quality to guarantee consistency. We don’t cut corners. We develop, refine, and iterate to deliver the best possible outcomes.

Diversity & Inclusion

We celebrate teamwork and foster diversity to enable the best ideas to flourish. We engage our stakeholders and partners to create synergies and gather diverse perspectives.

Customer Passion & Obsession

We are passionate about our customers. We listen and deliver on needs before being asked. We take every opportunity to amaze and delight; striving always to exceed expectations.


541330 Systems Engineering
519190 All Other Information Services
541511 Custom Computer Programming Services
541512 Computer Systems Design Services
541513 Computer Facilities Management Services
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541612 Human Resources Consulting Services
541614 Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
561210 Facilities Support Services
561320 Temporary Help Services
561330 Professional Employer Organizations
611420 Computer Training

SBA Designations

  • 8(a) Business Development Program

  • Women Owned Small Business (WOSB)
  • Disadvantaged Small Business (DSB)

  • Native-American Owned Business

Red River Resources, LLC (d.b.a. NavAide)
DUNS 080245192

Contract Vehicles

For a list of our Contract Vehicles please CLICK HERE